Technical Skills

Web Languages/Frameworks/Tools


+ JavaScript




+ Bower

+ Node

+ Grunt

+ WordPress


+ Object Oriented Programming

+ Framework Development

+ APIs and Libraries

+ Tools and Development Environment Enhancing Systems


+ Adobe Products ( Illustrator, Photoshop, etc )


+ Inkscape

+ Krita

+ Corel Draw

Work Experience

Web Developer at Zodiac Enterprises, LLC

Mount Morris, MI – May 2014 to Present

Example Projects : Creative Healing, Paradise Body Works

As the in-house Web Developer for Zodiac Enterprises, LLC, my responsibilities included building websites for our clients and managing our own site. Originally the sites were built from the ground up. We utilized a rudimentary content management system that I developed myself but that ended when I started working with WordPress. Since then I’ve dissected WordPress’s plugin and theme frameworks down to the core and this has allowed me to develop my own helper API and features for my WordPress projects.

Freelance Web Projects

Multiple Areas – October 2012 to Present

Example Projects : Play Frey Games, Shiawassee Martial Arts Center

Ever since my foray into programming in early 2012 to learn how to build games I found a fascination in developing logical systems. It didn’t take long for me to realize that what I learned from creating my games I could apply in developing websites through PHP. This spawned a whole new area of interest as I developed more and more projects.  I continue to develop and refine my methods in making the most beautiful, efficient, and mobile friendly sites I can produce.


Lansing Community Collage

2008-2012 – Lansing, MI

Associates in Applied Arts – Computer Graphics, Multimedia

Worked on many side projects while attending classes, including various comics and art studies. Otherwise I was hooked on learning everything the college could offer, and graduated with over 118 credits. I attended classes in Art, Design, Programming, Illustration, Animation, and Video Editing to get the experience to be a true “Multimedia” Artist and still practice these skills on a regular basis.


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